The program teaches the children to read and write in English using a Learning to Read Program. This is initially a 36-week program that incorporates English as a Second Language Program and is integrated with a Learning to Read Program. It has been specifically modified to meet the needs of remote villages that have no electricity.

Once the children have completed the 36-week program, there is a review program, which consolidates the learning. This is a 3-week program, which then leads into the further education of the children using an individualized program. Our vision is for the students to remain in the village school until Year 6, under the supervision of a local teacher. 

When the children have completed Year 6, sponsors will be sought for individual students, and places at already existing schools will be found. Sponsors will pay the school fees, travel costs and boarding fees for these students. This method will continue from Year 7 to University. We can then take as a child from Preparatory to PhD!

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