Bush Schools Project

The Bush Schools Project aims to work through existing schools and churches to reach remote places. The local community will provide a facility (usually a bush hut) and will provide support for the Supervisor of the school (usually in goods and services). A local person will be trained, preferably at one of our existing schools. The newly-trained school supervisor will be able to establish and manage the school in the designated village.

The Need

Many young people in countries that are our closest neighbours receive little or no education at all. Many remote villages in our island communities do not have a school or do not have anyone to teach their children. These communities desire a better lifestyle for their children. Unfortunately, they feel trapped and helpless. They have very little in the way of a cash economy. Many grow their own food, hunt and fish and sell any cash crops to those, usually in towns, who have paid jobs. However, the little money they do have comes intermittently throughout the year. It is barely enough to personally sustain them, let alone start a school with resources that need to be bought.

They want their children to have opportunities that other children have in the towns and cities. They resign themselves to their situation, with little hope of any real change in the future. To help, we determine to bring Biblical worldview education to these villages. The need is large with funding currently limited. We need your help.

Our Culture

We are a people, passionate in all we do. Through equipping and empowerment, we desire to excel everyday in all areas of life. We support each other in Godly love. In unity, we are equipping each other to achieve our individual and team goals. Each disciple, in every cell, college, company, church, community and country will practice dominion as described in Genesis. As disciples, we will, in all honesty, develop habits based on our focuses, desires, disciplines and values.

Our Instruction

Rom 12:1-2…”I beseech you therefore to present your bodies as a living sacrifice…which is your reasonable service. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may know God’s good, acceptable and perfect will.”