How we do it

We pray that God will show us where He wants us to move.

We pray that God will bring sponsors for each project, whether they be entrepreneurs, businesses, churches, schools or individuals.

We talk with the village elders and discuss how they will support the school and what we will provide.

We assess the ‘teachers’ from the village – where possible we want the village to run the school – we need at least 2, but preferably 3 people trained to use the program.

We provide training for the ‘teachers,’ where possible, at an already established school. If this is not possible, we customize arrangements to suit the circumstances. The training takes 4-10 weeks depending on the individual ‘teachers.

The School in a box arrives during this time, so that the teachers are familiar with the resources and can ask for help if needed.

The trained teachers go and set up the school. School begins!

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